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 Motivational Speaker. Inspirational Storyteller. Life Explorer.

Either you have an event, a workshop, or you want me to come to speak to your internal team about a mindset change.

The first step is meeting with you so that I can understand your audience and your requirements so I can tailor a presentation specifically to meet those needs.
Typically, I will start with how powerful females are within an organization. The symbiotic relationship between male/female coworkers is uncontested. Having spent my career in a male-dominated industry, the amount of respect I have received for my unique female energy has been overlooked by more female-empowered industries. I chosen to  focus on empowering men to achieve work-life balance, setting boundaries and striving for empathy within all aspects of the workplace.
While my area of expertise is clearly technology, contract negotiation, sales, and extreme ownership. What matters most is how we are listening as individuals to those around us, to truly understand that we all struggle with problems, yes, even sales is solving a problem through purchasing a solution, but how we approach those problems that others are bringing us. That is what sets us apart.

If this resonates with you, we need to work together.

My Bio

I like to think of myself as a warrior that emerged from the IBLP cult. I entered adulthood with absolutely no formal education. I mean no K-12, nothing even remotely close to a GED. Now I have a thriving career in Fintech, working with SAP, L'Oreal, Estee Lauder, Phillips, Hilti, Straumann and many other Fortune 500 companies, negotiate high dollar contracts, and speak with authority on many subjects.

While I had no formal schooling, I did have mentors. Growing up, my family owned a technology business. During the day my parents would often let me roam the shops and hang out with my favorite technicians, Van and Joe. These men took time to empower me, taught me to read electrical schematics, and helped me build systems and understand the process of troubleshooting.

At the time I used those skills to build PC’s and gamed on them with my brothers. I eventually turned my technical skills into a career at age 16 by working for a local software company. Technology has always called to me, not only because it was one of the few sources of training I received at a young age, but also because it is ever-changing. I felt left out and behind in many areas of life, but I could always jump right into the flux of technology.

I got married at 18 and relocated to Oklahoma. While I maintained several jobs, my primary role was helping a small-town school revamp and bring its technology into the future. I continued building my career in tech but there was severe trauma from my childhood that was unresolved and causing a constant feeling in the back of my mind that I was running away from problems rather than solving them. In 2006 I began the process of pressing charges against my father for child molestation. I spent the next three years in an agonizing legal limbo. It felt like the longest three years of my life, but I finally won the case! The impact of receiving justice and validation started my incredible journey of deconstruction, healing, and creating a new life for my family.

I never expected my life would lead to an amazing journey through education, mental health, legal, entrepreneurship and finally, Fintech. With 20+ years of technical experience, 10 of those have been dedicated to ERP integrations. I have provided expertise in software solutions for numerous industries including Medical, Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality, and Legal.

This website was created to celebrate that journey of accomplishments. It is a place for my voice to reach out and inspire others to explore everything life has to offer.  We can harness the power of connections, learn from each other, and share real business experiences to cultivate new insights.

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